‘The Christ Slayer’ Features Eclectic Characters


As cameras continue to roll on ‘The Christ Slayer,’ the final installment of Lansing, Mich.-based Collective Development Inc.’s ‘Quest Trilogy,’ a steady lineup of featured actors have lent their talent to the Yuma, AZ., production location.

Veteran character actor Robert Shepherd of Virginia (‘Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town,’ ‘Evan Almighty’ and ‘Spielberg’s Lincoln’) and newcomer Edgar Rodriguez, of Calexico, CA., are the final characters of the story-line cast.

Mr. Shepherd, playing the role of ‘Hadrian,’ the father of lead character, ‘Longinus’ (Carl Weyant), grew up on a farm in the Missouri Ozarks and is a graduate of Missouri State University.

After spending several years as an elementary school teacher, his career took a turn as he received a commission in the U.S. Army.

He served more than 20 years of active duty before retirement.

Over the years Mr. Shepherd participated in many theater productions (‘1776,’ ‘Oklahoma’), but after retirement from the military he was able to pursue his passion, a career in acting, on a full-time basis.

After spending several years as an elementary school teacher, his career took a turn as he received a commission in the U.S. Army.

He was a winning contestant as ‘Bachelor Number Two’ on the ‘Dating Game,’ a unique entry on his resume, but has, over the years, performed in many TV shows, feature and industrial films, as well as national and local commercials. His Geico commercial, as a minister performing a wedding on a beach, is still running.

Mr. Rodriguez (‘Chasing the Star,’ ‘Into the Wild,’ ‘Future World’ with James Franco), an Orange County, CA, native, has worked as an extra and featured extra on several independent films and a principal in the short film, ‘Envenenado,’ written and directed by Robert Ortiz.

A graphic artist who trained at San Diego State University and Platt College in San Diego, Edgar is also a principal for the untitled and still in production Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo documentary for the Cabrillo National Monument (National Parks Service).

He is also a voice over artist who enjoys playing his guitar and singing.

‘The Christ Slayer,’ directed by Nathaniel Nose, and starring Carl Weyant (Longinus), DJ Perry (Jesus), Josh ‘Ponceman’ Perry (no relation) as ‘Albus,’ Taymour Ghazi (‘Vitus’) and Rance Howard (‘Devil as an Old Man’), is set for release during the Easter season, 2018.

Collective Development Inc.


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