#M(ichigan)M(ovie)H(istory) on this day, April 14, 1890, assistant director Scott R. “Scotty” Beal was born


It was on this day, April 14, 1890,  in Quinnesec, Michigan, Scott R. “Scotty” Beal was born.  The son of  director Frank Beal and actress Louise Lester, Beal gained some experience as a stage actor before   heading to California to break into the film industry in 1915.

Finding a few jobs as an actor, Beal switched to the other side of the camera the following year.  He worked as an assistant director, camera operator and director,  ultimately finding his niche as an assistant director. He spent the majority of his career working as an AD.

Beal worked on Tod Browning’s Dracula (1931), Robert Florey’s Murders in the Rue Morgue’ (1932), and Kurt Newman’s Tarzan and the Amazons (1946) among 30 other films.  His final picture was Richard O. Fleischer’s Banjo (1947). for which he is credited.

Gaining a reputation as one of the most respected A.D.s in the business, Beal received an Academy Award as Best Assistant Director in 1932, and was nominated for another in 1935.

Scott R. “Scotty” Beal died July 10, 1973 in Hollywood, California.




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