‘Wild Faith’ drops NEW theatrical trailer


Michigan based Collective Development Inc. has been growing a large audience with their biblical adventure series “The Quest Trilogy,” (Forty Nights, Chasing the Star, The Christ Slayer) being released by Bridgestone Multi-Media Group.

The talented storytellers at CDI unite once again with Jesse Low, director of “Forty Nights,” to tell a powerful family/faith, post-Civil War story set in Michigan. DJ Perry who penned “The Quest Trilogy” wrote the screenplay and leads a team of senior producers including Melissa Anschutz, Anthony Hornus, Shane Hagedorn, and Jesse Low.  The film was executive produced by Jeff Delongchamp and Fritz Wahlfield Jr.

Shane Hagedorn (Ashes of Eden) and Lauren LaStrada (Detroit 1-8-7) take lead in the racially charged drama with a strong supporting cast from around the country including Hollywood western legends Darby Hinton (Daniel Boone, Texas Rising) and Lana Wood (The Searchers, Greyeagle).

Our cast is brimming with immense talent and it shows in their performances. We also had an equally talented behind-the-camera crew that believed fully in the story we were creating.” – DJ Perry, CEO Collective Development

The film is complete save the last pass on color correction. CDI will be announcing a premiere showing in Michigan followed by a limited theatrical run. Home video release is looking like mid to late summer. The distributor has not yet been announced as CDI works to negotiate a ‘greenlight’ on the first season of ‘Hastings,’ the TV series that will follow the characters introduced in the “Wild Faith” feature film.

“Wild Faith” offers many characters rich in story, I know audiences would welcome a TV series to see them told.” – Melissa Anschutz, co-star/co-producer

So we at Collective Development Inc. invite you to sit down and enter the world of “Wild Faith,” an earlier time period that also shines a light on contemporary themes and issues we face today.

WATCH the new ‘Wild Faith’ theatrical trailer

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