Michigan Connection: J K Simmons fronted sci-fi thriller Counterpart begins filming second season in Berlin


Starz’s announced today that  Counterpart Season 2 has begun production in Berlin.  In the second season of the J.K. Simmons-fronted sci-fi show. Get Out actress Betty Gabriel has joined the cast as Naya Temple, a former FBI agent recently hired by the Office of Interchange to clean house, described as “a figure both intimidating and magnetic.”

Counterpart takes place in Berlin and follows a man named Howard Silk (Simmons) a lowly cog in the bureaucracy of a secretive Berlin-based UN spy agency. He discovers that his workplace harbors a secret: 30 years ago, a tear in the universe occured revealing a parallel dimension.

The new series hails from creator/showrunner Justin Marks, who scripted Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book. Counterpart gets better as its writing team use this intriguing sci-fi premise as a jumping off point not for comedy or hard sci-fi, but for a character-rich drama.

MRC serves as the studio on the series, and while filming is now underway on the 10-episode Counterpart Season 2 in Berlin, the show will continue production in Los Angeles later this year.

No Season 2 premiere date has been announced yet.

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