Joel Reisig releases second behind the scenes video from the filming of Jack London’s ‘Son of the Wolf’


Director/producer Joel Paul Reisig has added a new video to his: Jack London’s “Son of the Wolf” (Behind the Scenes – Day 2).

Based on Jack London’s “The Son of the Wolf”  with inspiration drawn from other London works including “White Fang,”” The Abyssal Brute,”” Call of the Wild,” and   London’s short stories “The White Silence” and “the Moonface Man,”  this Reisig production promises to be epic.

Central to this story and the other characters of this movie will be this handsome dog.   Meigunn  , a Czechoslovakian Vlcak, a breed the result of mixing German Shepherd Dogs with Carpathian wolves.   Meigunn has appeared in videos with Eminem, and a Fox television series called “Minority Report” with Steven Spielberg.

Said Reisig about Meigunn, “He’s a great dog.  As soon as I saw him I knew he had to appear in this movie.”

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