‘Chasing the Star’ and ‘Wild Faith’ win big at the ICFF


In a new blog post this morning,  Richard “DJ” Perry shared that of the two Collective Development Inc. films that were screened at the International Christian Film Festival,  “Chasing the Star”  and “Wild Faith,”  CDI received some BIG awards.

“Chasing the Star” won ‘Most Inspirational’ Film at ICFF following last year’s win with “Forty Nights.”

With four nominations “Wild Faith” was in competition and won for ‘Best Leading Actress’ – Ms Lauren LaStrada and also won 2nd place “Runner up” for Best Film.

Said Perry, “And we will not stop there. We’ve got many venues we’re still in discussions with. But I wanted to thank ICFF for their acknowledgement of our hard work on both films. ”

“..If you have friends in Holland or Grand Haven, MI or in Gibsonton, FL make it a point to see this fine story on the big screen.”

wildfaith screeningpromo.jpg

For a review of “Wild Faith”  https://mmm2weekender.com/2018/04/14/faith-based-wild-faith-is-proving-a-must-see-wherever-it-goes/

For Richard “DJ” Perry’s blog https://djperryblog.com/2018/05/06/awards-screenings-and-preparing-to-sail-film-again-soon/

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