The Detroit Filmmaker Awards May 5, 2019

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Detroit Filmmakers Awards is a cinematic organization that was founded to celebrate the achievement of Detroit independent filmmakers and recognize the talent that Detroit contributes to film nationwide.

The organization also offers resources, support and recognition to film and filmmakers. and will celebrate film all year round.

On Sunday May 5, 2019, 300 of the best and brightest in Detroit’s film and media industry will ascend to the Champion’s Room presented by Skillman Foundation to celebrate Detroit’s independent film community with awards being presented in over 20 subcategories from 3 distinct film disciplines (short, feature, and digital series).

With over 70 nominations for Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor and Actress, and the DFA Lifetime Achievement Award, the inaugural celebration of the Detroit Filmmaker Awards is sure to be the next collective step towards self-actualization and self celebration for Detroit film.

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