Take notice house of Chanel and Dior…director Lance Kawas has released a 3-minute commercial

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Caress your screens for 3 minutes. Sight and sound only, the rest is all your interpretation. Kawas has raised the standards on this with an absolutely superb, elegant, and classy short. This fabulous commercial is painted with lush colors and warmed with wonderful classical music combining strings and cellos for a distinct romantic piece.

Kawas says “I wanted to create something the viewer would lose themselves in for three minutes. The concept was birthed from the idea of a post modernism take on Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and to bring vintage old Hollywood while thematically layering the screen with a high- end designer feel. I also kept hearing in my head ‘Unforgettable’ (Duet with Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole). As a result, I wanted an art piece that is mesmeric and flawless that renders escapism, nostalgia, with something sentimental, and romantic about it, so this is the best fantasy I could deliver to my client within the confines of budget and time.”

With the slogan ‘It’s never about the man…It’s was always about the suit’ the commercial is done for Alexander’s of Northville; a men’s clothier and designer who will be releasing three 30 second spots and a one minute version on TV in August – The three minute version is for the world to enjoy. It also has a comedic theme in it as Kawas points out “It’s a game of seduction where the advances of a glitzy woman makes a gentleman think she is after him, when in fact she is only after his suit.”

Filmed in Michigan. The actors are Miss Michigan 2019 Alyse Madij, and Lamar Babi.

The Swiss Pierre Vaucher composed the original music, with vocals by Amy Siegrist and violin by Edmond Basha . It is shot through the lens of the amazing cinematographer Istvan Lettang. Sound by the master Matt Sisco, CGI by Dark Hoffman, steady cam work by Greg Johnson, hair and makeup by Lisa North, lighting by Bobby Laenen and Tommy Craft.

written by Lance Kawas

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