Interviewing Jeff Kapp, director of ‘Scapegoat’ and ‘Ever After’ and other award-winning films

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Jeffrey Paul Kapp, known by many as simply Jeff Kapp (03/07/1987) creates films that not only find acceptance in world-class film festivals but have garnered him accolades and filmmaking awards as well.

His feature, “Scapegoat” has played to full houses everywhere and has won much acclaim for this gripping thriller.

But Jeff did not start out to make films.  He grew up playing music in local bands.  After becoming a father,  he hung up career in music.

After he met Shane Schanski who was an actor, now co-owner of Vigilant Entertainment (he and Jeff co-own Vigilant Entertainment),  Shane filled Jeff’s head with different stories about the film industry.   Jeff decided instead of writing songs, he wanted to try his hand writing scripts and got hooked.

He has since written scripts for Friendly Advice and Ever After which has won numerous awards at prestigious film festivals throughout the world,  with the films “Still,” “Storage,” and “Lift” in various stages of production.

He agreed to give us this interview.

What have you done in the film industry, actor, director, producer?

I’m a writer/director/producer.

On what major productions on which you have worked?

Worked on “Friendly Advice(completed 2016), “Scapegoat” (post production), “Ever After” (completed 2019), “Still” (post production 2019), “Goodnight, You” (post production 2019).
What have you produced?

Produced “Friendly Advice”, “Scapegoat,”” Ever After,”” Still,”” and “Goodnight, You”  * I’ve directed comedy, suspense/thriller, drama and horror.

 In what genres do you prefer to work?

I prefer drama and suspense/thriller so far,  but I want to try my hand at many genres.

As a screenwriter, what have you written that has been produced?

I’ve written “Friendly Advice,”” Scapegoat,”” Ever After,”” Still,”” Goodnight, You.”

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