Make certain to attend ‘That Trafficker’ 2nd Screening presented by Trinity International Film Festival September 15

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If you missed the official first screening of “The Trafficker: A Time to Quit, ” you are in luck!  The second screening of this dramatic thriller is scheduled for next weekend, September 15 at the Marlene Boll Theatre,  Detroit.


Written by Bodrul Ahmed,  Lutfur Rahman Khaled,  and Abir Mahafuz, directed by Bodrul Ahmed,  Co-directed by Abir Mahafuz “The Trafficker: A Time to Quit” is a Brightness Of Heron, Inc./Alvy Haque Production.

In “That Trafficker:  A Time to Quit” Jacob, who is stricken with cancer,  transports drugs for someone to raise money for his cure and finds the  people he is now surrounded with have put him at risk for their own benefit. After finding that his daughter has also become involved with drug trafficking he tries to convince her to stop by relating to her his story.

“That Trafficker: A Time to Quit” stars Trenton Pfauser as Jacob Smith, Tokkyo Faison as Harris Cooper, William Adamo as Jacob Smith, Stephaney Vietor as Ashley, Anna Thompson as Sarah Edwards,  and more.

That Trafficker 2nd Screening will be presented through Trinity International Film Festival. Please get your tickets through Trinity Film Festivals Facebook page. If you missed our first premiere then here is you chance to watch this film  September 15.  You do not want to miss it.


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