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Success is the point at which opportunity meets preparation.   For Grover McCants this preparation started when he was quite young.

Born in Detroit, 7/27/1956, Grover started preparing for success when he was five and appeared as a Christmas tree in an elementary school play. Throughout school he was involved in drama, public speaking and entertainment.

Today, Grover has amassed an impressive resume of films that he has appeared in (count 50 productions). He can count among the major productions in which he has worked 5 cable network television appearances on TV One, Comedy Central, AMC and Discovery ID.  He has also appeared as an extra in the studio productions of “Zebrahead,”” Hoffa” and “Renaisance Man.”

As an actor, he has worked under the direction of Penny Marshall and Danny Devito, John Wayne Bosley, Dennis Reed,II, Joel Paul Resig, Don Overton, Harley Wallen, Jason Clayton, Sam Logan Khaleghi and many others. And has appeared on set with big name actors such as Jack Nicholson, Danny Devito, Mark Strong, Samuel L. Jackson and many others.

As well as having worked in film,  he is a Business/Political consultant, independent business owner, Life Coach, MBA, MS in Psychology, PhD Candidate in Drama Psychology.

Grover McCants granted MMW this close up highlighting many of his life’s accomplishments. and has offered us future interviews.  We are certain we will take advantage of this offer.


How did you get involved in the film industry?

I have been involved in theater for most of my life.  I started signing up for extra roles every time I was aware of a film shooting in Atlanta (while in college), and Detroit. Eventually I started auditioning for speaking roles.

What have you done in the film industry, actor, director, producer, list all.

50 films and television appearances as an actor. Produced hundreds of commercials for legal, political, retail, educational, medical and entertainment clients. Directed television series, documentaries and music videos.

Wow, that is an impressive resume, Grover.  It’s a good thing you chose to list as you did.  Here is another which may be just as open.  List all talents, film or otherwise

(I have been a) Director, producer, actor, business/political consultant, life coach, MBA, MS in Psychology, PhD Candidate.

Can you list the major productions on which you have worked.

5 cable network television appearances on TV One, Comedy Central, AMC and Discovery ID. Appeared as an extra in Zebrahead, Hoffa and Renaisance Man

Of productions on which you have worked, how many have been released?  (year of


With what directors have you worked, Michigan or otherwise.

(The directors I have worked with include among those most known): Penny Marshall and Danny Devito, John Wayne Bosley, Dennis Reed,II, Joel Paul Resig, Don Overton, Harley Wallen, Jason Clayton, Sam Logan Khaleghi, and many others.

Actors, are you SAG, or SAG eligible?


Have you worked as an assistant director? With whom, and on what

Yes, with Gregory Qualls on The Eastside Chedda Boys Chedda Boy Music video

Producer, what have you produced?

Without going through everything I have produced,  I recommend you refer to my answer above.

Hollywood actors with whom you have worked

(I have worked with) Jack Nicholson, Danny Devito,  and Mark Strong, I was in a College play ( “Whose Got His Own” by Ron Milner) at Clark while  Samuel L Jackson was at Morehouse. We were in the Clark Players together. 

In what genres do you prefer to work (if any), ie., horror, sci-fi,
family, religious

All, any role that is challenging and fulfilling. Love villains as much as heroes.

Have you also worked on stage?
Yes, started there as a child.
In what capacity have you worked on stage?

Actor and producer working for free to help the production.

Screenwriters, what have you written that has been produced.

Numerous commercials and documentaries

Do you also have family members involved in film industry?

My wife Karen is a great actress. My son is a rapper known as ThurgoKush, cousins Thomas Parham is a film professor in LA who wrote for JAG and Touched by an Angel he has taught and mentored several A List actors past and current and Benai Boyd who has a thriving career in LA and NY, she appeared on HBO’s Big Little Lies and national commercials and on Broadway.

Personal philosophy regarding film work.

I submit to most roles that request my profile.  Helping indie filmmakers is just as important as appearing in a major production to me. At this stage of my life and career I want to have fun living my passion, a blessing in and of itself. As long as they keep booking me, allowing me to help them bring their stories and characters to life I will continue to share my talents until my last day on this earth.

As you have been involved in acting as long as you have, what are some of the biggest changes you have witnessed?

 The advent of technology. When I came up unless you were in LA, NYC or a major market there were not many if any opportunities in the film business.Unless a production came to Detroit, there were very few projects for an actor to get involved with in the 70s, 80s and 90s. The access to casting directors, professional equipment were almost non existent. Where technology kicks in today any one with an idea, vision and a smart phone can become a filmmaker and grow from there simply on desire, effort and perserverance. The internet allows us to share our work with the World by a click of a mouse or send button. Here in Michigan in spite of losing the film incentives to political shenanigans we still have a thriving independent film industry second to none in my opinion. Given the opportunity our work can do whatever the major studios want it to do, just give us a chance.

In as much as your family and you business are up here, if the opportunity presented itself, would you leave Michigan and move elsewhere?
I travel when booked on a project and would definitely relocate for the right opportunity.
No question!

Each of Grover’s accomplishments speaks of the preparation that he has made in his pursuit of success.  Grover McCants is ready.

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