The folk behind ‘Rise…’ and ‘Revenge of the Mask’ drop another official short, ‘Red and Tick Tock Vs The Mask’

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Producers, when editing your films,  what do you do with the bits that you choose not to use in your finished production?

For the folks at Controlled Chaos, the decision was simple.  They would cobble together this footage and make another official short.  This one is entitled, “Red and Tick Tock vs The Mask.”

Based on the Dark Horse comic series “The Mask,” this movie follows a new character, Alan/Big Head (played by Tim Parrish ), who finds there is a thin line between hero and monster. This bloody adaptation blends the story elements created by Mike Richardson with the stylistic overtones from the 1994 Jim Carey film version of “The Mask”.

From the viral sensation short, “Revenge of the Mask,” Red Banshee (played by Kyle Parker) and Tick Tock (Ammar Nemo) are heavies who muscle Alan to extort the money he owes mob boss Russ McLaren, that is before Alan dons “the Mask.”  This short also includes as Russ McLaren (Gary Brunner), as  T (Brian Heintz), and Earne (Earnest Lee).

Shot as a vlog, filmed by Tick Tock (Ammar Nemo) , this found footage was shot the same day that Allen (Tim Parrish ) is roughed up by Red and Tick Tock, only from their perspective. This footage is just the beginning to this year’s season of “Revenge Of The Mask: Who Shot Ricky?)

“Said producer Dylan Sides, “We shot it in our downtime shooting “Revenge, part two.”   We were already at a lot of those locations from the original film so we thought this would be hilarious.”


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