Michigan movie producer premieres two films this weekend–Joel Paul Reisig continues to bring film work to Michigan

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This weekend the Emagine theater in Novi will play host to two “Hollywood” movies that were made right here in Michigan.

“A Parent’s Worst Nightmare” stars Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson.  The film focuses on the dark reality of sex trafficking here in the Metro Detroit area.  100% of the premiere’s profits, and 50% of the film’s profits will be donated to charities that combat sex trafficking.  A Parent’s Worst Nightmare was shoot entirely in Michigan.  Other than Cain and Swanson, all other cast and crew are Michigan natives.  The film premieres on Friday the 13th at Emagine Novi.

“Faith Under Fire” is the story of a firefighter who is losing his faith in God as his daughter is losing her battle with cancer.  The film stars A list Christian actors Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo.  Shot entirely in Michigan, this is the first time that Sorbo and Cain have done a movie together since the 64 million dollar hit GODS NOT DEAD.  Faith Under Fire will premiere on Saturday the 14th at Emagine Novi.

Both films were produced and directed by Michigan native Joel Paul Reisig.  Reisig has worked tirelessly to bring movies to his home state.  He is a veteran producer with over twenty films in distribution and he plans to stay in Michigan.  “I love it here.  I like all four seasons, we have great locations, and mostly I appreciate the Midwestern people.  I have never had any desire to go to LA.  It is sometimes tough to make films in a state that doesn’t really have a thriving film business, but we have hard workers and great actors”.  Reisig tends to work with the same crew members over and over, but he says he is also always on the lookout to add new members to his team.

“We’re a team.  The people who work for me really work with me.  I trust them all.  You just can’t find that in LA.”

A prolific film producer, Reisig recently wrapped filming on “Horse Camp 3” starring Jason London and Home Improvement’s Richard Karn.  The film was shot entirely at the Black River Farm and Ranch in Croswell, MI.  He is currently working on Jack London’s “Son of the Wolf, ” and is simultaneously a consulting producer on another Michigan feature, “Just Another Dream.”

“I was happy to book Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson onto my friend Jennifer Franz’s movie, and I’m here to help her and any other Michigan producers in any way that I can.”

Reisig teaches a two-day seminar, Be Your Own Hollywood, on the business of the film business.  He has been flown all over the country to lecher would be producers from all states, but he is happy to call Michigan home.

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