Director talks about her first feature film, based on a script seven years in the writing. From ’45 Days to Be Rich’ and ‘ Papers 14: Purge of the Papers’, Indiana Rose

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It is always a charge seeing the birth of a star and watching the progress one may make.  Some will take off and really accomplish things.  That can be said about this next actress.

You have seen her in Hanni Bay’s “45 Days to Be Rich,”  Tony McCants, “Papers 14: Purge of the Papers” as Keisha Moore,  Kevin Tates “Famous” in which she appeared as DJ Natalie Kelly, now meet actress, Indiana Rose.

As well as being an actress in the above films,  she has also been an actress in Churchboy Productions (theatrical productions, May 5, 2018 to present), Little Door Theatre (Performance Art Theater, Warren, MI, August 2018 to present),  and Cyberstars of Detroit (August 2019 to present),  she is also founding owner of MadRave Photography and Film, and Founder, Director, CEO of Mad Hail Film Productions.  It can be said that Indiana Rose is headed toward some very big things.

When an announcement for interviews was posted,  Indiana stepped forward.

As well as being an actress, and the other things already mentioned, Indiana is also a scriptwriter and has busily been writing a script for a horror story for which she will be director.  She has been writing this script for over seven years,  perfecting and polishing it until she is satisfied with it.   That is some commitment!

Called “Cardinal High of the Dead”  it is a story based upon a former principal of the school which she attended. As well as being a genre film, it also addresses some of the maladies often experienced by young adults of high school age.

Rather than getting into any more on the matter,  Indiana will share the details in this conversation which we shared.

Remember her name.  It is Indiana Rose.  You will be seeing much more of her.





Tell me about this movie that you are directing?   Did I get that correct? Are you directing this movie?

Yes I am directing this movie, my film is called “Cardinal High of the Dead” also written and produced by me.this film is about former students of Cardinal who are apart of a cult called Red Wings of Blood which is organized by their former principal Dr. Cardinal.

When we talk of Cardinal High School, are we talking of Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School?
No. Cardinal is based off my former high school mascot which was a cardinal. I attended Cooley High School in Detroit .I’m the last graduating class of 2010.   After I graduated, DPS closed Cooley down!   The school is no longer open

Interesting. Go on.  What was the inspiration for your story?


Dr. Cardinal goal is to capture many students who were loyal to Cardinal High and use them for sacrifices and demonic rituals to gain control and create a powerful cult under the devils wing!
My inspiration for this story happened throughout the years I attended high school and troubles I’ve faced like depression, anxiety, etc  I took all the troubles and turned it into a horror film based off my experiences!
So, as well as being a horror story, it has to do with mental and emotional maladies and problems which High School students are likely to experience?
This sounds like an interesting premise. Will this be your first film?
Yes this is my very first feature film I am directing! Usually I direct short films.
So, you have done short films before. How many have you to your credit? Have you written all of these?
Yes I have done short films. My previous credits are “Murder Party, “”StormArea 51” , “Trapped” and the two I wrote is “Feel Better” and “VR.”
Are these largely all horror films? It is difficult to tell–except for a couple of these.

“Trapped ” short film is a drama and “Stormarea51” is a comedy!

Okay. Have these been released? * If so, where can they be found?
“Storm area 51” will be released September and “Trapped” will be released September 20th. You will find both of these films on YouTube under cyberstarz detroit. “VR” and “Murder Party” will be released in October.
Yea they can be found online.
Yes. I am anxious to see your films. Returning to the film on which you are presently working, how long did it take to write the script for this film?
I started writing this script two years after high school around 2012.  .It became so long to the point I broke each section of the script into four feature films.  It has taken me seven years to write this script.
This really speaks to your commitment in seeing your film become a reality. Once it was written, when did you start casting for your roles?
Have you cast the parts, or did you have a casting director?
I started casting a few months ago. I did the casting myself.
How large of a cast do you have?
A total of 30 cast members
Okay. were your cast members students that you had known?  Any of them?
Yes a few!
Otherwise how did you announce your casting call?
I announced it on Facebook!   And through my movie page!
A very effective way of announcing a casting call, I suppose. Have you announced your cast yet?
I will be soon when I launch my website for the film to give fans a chance to know the amazing actors and actresses who are bringing this story to life
Cool! At the same time, will you also be announcing your cinematographer audio, and the other members of your crew?
I have been announcing a few cast mates on Facebook. Yes I will be announcing my crew soon!
I have been announcing a few cast mates on facebook. Yes I will be announcing my crew soon! 😊
I see you have taken a few photos. Have you started your principal filming?
Or pre-production?
As Cooley High School is now closed, will you be using the building as a set?
No I will be not.
Have you found a location yet for your filming? (If so where? Is it too early to announce this?)
I have found a location for my film and I will not be announcing that information at the moment
That’s fair.

You can also see Indiana Rose as a part of a youtube tv show by David Rabin and Cortez Andre which shows a series of comedic skits called cyberstarz detroit.

For more on Indiana Rose, follow her on Facebook.
Check out her IMDb page


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