Shad Moore and S33 Productions drop ‘The Widower’ short film

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MuShad Moore has posted the latest S33 short film online.

Entitled “The Widower” Mushad Moore   (known for his roles in “First Lady (2018),”  “The Birthday (2018),” “Scapegoat(2018)” and “Famous (2019),”) as Jeff, and Etta Williams as Jazmine lead this cast in a story of a father who upon his wife’s death tries to stay strong while raising his daughter.  Also starring are Anna C. Hollingsworth  as Jeff”s mother, and Latashia Williams as Kenya.

As this almost 14 minute short opens, Jeff awakens to his phone’s alarm going off.   You get the impression that there is someone in bed with his as well. He is talking with someone as he wipes the sleep from his eyes and stumbles from the bedroom. But be careful.  As he awakens his daughter, Jazmine and has her get ready for school,  stepping from the house you hear him say, “Okay, baby.  See you later.”

Jazmine says, “Dad, stop!”  Jeff is taken aback.

Visiting his mother, she reminds him that it has been one year since Kenya’s (his wife’s) death.  She is sympathetic.  She does not want him to be alone.  Suggesting that they get a pizza together, he acts irritable.   Short tempered, and obviously preoccupied, he snaps at her.   As he rises from the table and removes his jacket from the back of the chair, she is concerned.

The death of his wife has been trying on him.  Obviously he misses her.   As much as this is a short film, you witness and cannot help but be sympathetic to what Jeff is experiencing.   The death of a loved one is never easy on anyone.  But it up to each of us how we handle the mourning and separation of a loved one.

Shad does well in capturing the emotions that a widower experiences.  He both wrote and directed this short.  While he has created a character who is working hard to remain strong,  you cannot help but see the cracks that a forming in his demeanor.  Has he got the strength to hold things together?  Take less than fifteen minutes from your day, and watch Mushad Moore’s “The Widower.”

This short was filmed by Kevin Tates and edited by Mushad Moore.







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