‘My Soul to Keep’ red carpet charity premiere, October 2

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Join the cast and crew of My Soul To Keep on the red carpet October 2 at the Emagine Novi, Novi, MI, and watch the film on Super EMAX, the largest screen in Michigan.  Show is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 7 PM – 11 PM.

Although reviews  have called this movie a cross between “Home Alone” and “Stranger Things,” it is obviously not so light.  What writer/director/producer Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad has created here is a story about fear, and how children process it.  But it is not too scary, as it does not depend on jump-scares and blood and gore to tell it’s story.

In “My Soul to Keep,” Eli Braverman–like many 9-year-old boys,–believes something menacing lives in his basement. When his older sister leaves him home alone one night, Eli confronts what may end up being far more terrifying than even his worst nightmare.

This movie stars Parker Smerek (known for Young Russell in Aquaman (Short) (2016)
as Eli,  Remington Gielniak  (born in Troy, MI, known for his roles in Bennett’s Song  and (2018) and A Bennett Song Holiday as Donald James ) as Sam, and Arielle Olkhovsky ( Grace in The Dark Below (2015), Beatrix Song in Bennett’s Song (2018), Laruen in Enigma (2019), Kelly in The Legend of Dog Lady Island, among other films) as Hillary. “My Soul to Keep” is produced by Ahmad’s production company, Exxodus Pictures.

Exxodus Pictures is releasing “My Soul to Keep,” an independent horror film shot entirely in Michigan with an all-Michigan cast and crew. Also included are actors Debra Harrison-Lowe as Miss Perry, Brandon Matthew Layne as Richard Braverman, Melissa O’Brien as Miss Meriweather, Jake Rotger as Dominic, Emmanuelle Turco as Emily Braverman, and Maria Wasikowski as Liz Braverman, among others.

Regarding this Red Carpet Premiere there is an encouraged dress code.  Dress snazzy! All proceeds will be donated to JARC and Hassan Foundation charities.  Not only will you have a glamorous evening, but you’ll also be helping two amazing organizations.

Tickets are very limited so reserve yours now to be part of what will be a very memorable evening!


If you cannot make this Red Carpet Premiere,  you can catch “My Soul to Keep” online.   The film premiers Friday, Oct. 4, on every major video-on-demand streaming service, including Comcast, DirectTV, iTunes, Amazon Video and numerous others.

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