Come one! Come all! Plan on attending the greatest masquerade on Earth! Theatre Bizarre – October 12th

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Immerse yourself in an elegant masquerade of intoxicating allure with an exclusive and intimate exhibition of Theatre Bizarre’s decadence and delights! Revel in our guided tour through a curated showcase of our most phantasmagoric entertainment, and indulge in a lavish cocktail reception, open bar, and strolling dinner, as we lead the procession through the many transformed floors of Theatre Bizarre – an immersive art installation on a massive scale.

Don’t miss a thing, as we feature an exclusive curation of performers that must been seen to be believed.

Drink yourself to death in an all-night open bar & feast upon a succulent selection of cuisine and confection with our strolling dinner throughout the night.

Delve into 8 floors of lascivious debauchery while discovering our Ghost Train ride, Odditorium, Asylum, Ice Cream Parlour and so much more.

Take in the enigmatic enormity of Theatre Bizarre comfortably, at 1/10 the crowd size of Saturday’s event.

Live deliciously.



Explore 8 floors of the labyrinthine tower of our completely transformed Masonic Temple to uncover endless curiosities, shows, roaming performers, and unexpected delights around every corner. Embark upon a massive “choose your own adventure”, celebrating the decadent and depraved until the early hours of the morning at an event unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before!

  • – A myriad of rooms featuring local and international displays of music, sideshow, burlesque and more – each running simultaneously all night long. It’s impossible to see it all!
  • – Discover 6 main stages, 19 performance spaces, or wander through the halls to discover that absolutely anywhere can host an impromptu theatrical experience.
  • – Enter the Dirty Devil’s Peepshow for a lurid display of the most tantalizing exotic dances this side of the underworld.
  • – Dance the night away in the Grand Ballroom, Dancehall, Beelzepub, and more – with over 20 unique musical acts ranging from punk, rock, jazz, and funk, to marching bands, barbershop quartets, and swing DJs.
  • – And much, much more!


    Enter our main event, as Theatre Bizarre inhabits 8 floors of the building encompassing 5 main stages, 19 performance spaces and countless areas for spontaneous theatrics.


The event hosts hundreds of performers from all over the world, including more than 20 bands, world class burlesque, unfathomable circus sideshow acts, and so much more!




Saturday, October 12th Line Up

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“The Most Spectacular Masquerade in the World is in Detroit!” Travel + Leisure


“Part Ringling Brothers, part Dawn of the Dead”

– The New York Times


“Get freaked the fuck out at Theatre Bizarre”

– 100 Things All Detroiters Should Do Before They Die

– Metro Times

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