Grover McCants featured in John Wayne Bosley’s production ‘Angels Among Us’

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What is an angel?  What of angelic visages?  According to Abrahmic religions, angels were often benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God (or Heaven) and humanity. Often depicted in fine art, angels often have the shape of human beings of extraordinary beauty but no gender (until the 19th century at least). In Christian artwork they are often identified as having bird wings, halos, and light.

In John Wayne Bosley’s “Angels Among Us” an angel is described a “man in a suit ” by six different individuals from various backgrounds and different parts of the country, all visited by with the same mysterious man. Is this a  miracle? Is he an angel? Or is there something else happening? Questions persist.


When a retiring police detective Garver, played bv Grover McCants, collapses from a heart attack  in the pursuit of a perp,  he encounters this mysterious “man in a suit.” This encounter leads him to question the existence of angels and starts his journey in search of others who have had similar experiences.

When all six individuals’ visited by this same “man in a suit”  paths cross, will they find the answers they are searching for? What will they learn about themselves and each other along the way?  This is the premise for John Wayne Bosely’s film.

“This can’t be a coincidence that all of us from different cities, different lives, meet the same mysterious man and weeks later we all cross paths.  There has got to be a reason. “

“Angels Among Us” stars Grover McCants as Police Detective Garver, Robin E. Silas as the taxi driver, Jenn Gotzon as Emily (single mom), Hallie Ruth Jacobs as Trinity (little girl), Jimmie Chiapelli as Henry (motorcyclist), and Joel Reisig as police officer, among others.  This is a J.B. Movies Production, LLC production.

This is the pitch trailer for the feature film “Angels Among Us”. *** Serious Investor Inqueries Contact *** Copyright J.B. Movies, LLC 2019

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