Alexis Berent of short film ‘Simon Says’ named 2019 Scream Queen by 48HFP Detroit Horror Film Competition–other winners, other awards

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Actress Alexis Berent was named the 2019 Scream Queen by Horror 48 Hour Film Project Detroit Awards Tuesday night, November 12.  Alexis appeared in the GotGot Productions, “Simon Says”  Alexis is from Ypsilanti, MI.

GotGot Productions “Simon Says” also won Movie Trailer Contest.

The Award Show was held downstairs in the Fifth Avenue, Royal Oak.   Here are the other winners of this year’s awards.

Detroit 48 Hour Film Horror Project 2019 Detroit Competition
And the winners are…

Audience Choice
Group A-Savasana-Brave Quail
Group B-Negative Space-WSF Productions

Movie Trailer Contest-Simon Says from GotGot Productions
Poster Contest-REM from Eagle Filmmakers Association

Indie Stream Winner-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Film
1st Place-The House Hunters-52 Scripts
2nd Place-Negative Space-WSF Productions
3rd Place-Savasana-Brave Quail

Best Scare-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Villain-Danny Muggs-Savasana-Brave Quail

Best Gore-Savasana-Brave Quail

Biggest Bloodbath-Savasana-Brave Quail

Best Splatstick-Stress Vampires From Saturn-Broken Multiverse

Best Death Scene-Savasana-Brave Quail

Best Makeup-Savasana-Brave Quail

Best Costumes-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Song-Death Wizard-Timeless Classics Unlimited

Best Musical Score-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Special Effects-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Graphics-House-Trap-Vestron Video

Best Use of Line of Dialogue-Savasana-Brave Quail

Best Use of Prop-Savasana-Brave Quail

Best Use of Character-Losing Daylight-PREproductions

Best Sound Design-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Lighting-TIE
Negative Space-WSF Productions
The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Cinematography-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Ensemble Acting-Losing Daylight-PREproductions

Best Actress-Kara O’Connor-The House Hunters

Best Actor-Freddy Karn-Negative Space

Best Editing-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Writing-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Best Directing-Scott Gordon-The House Hunters-52 Scripts

Congratulations to ALL the 48 participants, nominees, and winners. Everyone should be very proud of their films!!

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