‘Silent War’ trailer date release will be announced next month

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“Silent War” trailer date release will be announced next month ,  This story of female Iraq war veterans will soon appear on the screen.  Silent War” tells the story of two female vets who suffer from PTSD, who face the spiral downfall from the aftermath of war once they return home from active duty in Iraq.  Production of this started May 1.

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“As I expect this to touch a lot of people’s hearts., says Lance Kawas, “We are editing the cut with Istvan Lettang slowly.  It’s an emotional and powerful journey for this Terrence Malik/Christopher Nolan/intellectual type of film – it’s not just a war film.  That’s all I can say.”

With the tagline, “War Is Hell… The Struggle To Survive Is Back Home.” this new film deals with PTSD and suicide in the military, a matter which has reached epidemic proportions.  Mahanna as Specialist Smith is contemplating suicide. Whitfield is the voice of reason when in fact she, does not abide by the advice she bestows on Smith.

Both characters dug deep into their horrid time when they were ambushed on a dreadful day, and most of their platoon is wiped out. In a desperate struggle for survival, as they are both shot and burned, Smith manages to survive by reasoning with the ‘enemy,’ and helps Duncan until more American troops come to their rescue. What Smith endures leaves an everlasting burn in her heart and mind.

Duncan’s true friendship could be the antidote to Smith’s misery but Smith’s yearning to sleep peacefully forever besieges her as she feels what she has lost is irreplaceable…

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