Actress Calhoun Koenig recognized as one of ‘Top 40 Asian Actresses Under 40 to Watch for in Hollywood’

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In what came as a surprise to Nancy Oeswein, mother of actress Calhoun (Callie) Koenig, Calhoun has been recognized as one of the ‘Top 40 Asian Actresses Under 40 to Watch for in Hollywood’ by the Asian Talent Hollywood.

In what appeared as a Facebook post, Nancy Oeswein expressed her surprise.

“So I just randomly clicked on this article on IMDb because, you know, it’s good to know who’s out there in her category that Hollywood is paying attention to…Top 40 Asian Actresses Under 40 to Watch for in Hollywood. Scrolling thru Awkwafina, Gemma Chan, Arden Cho, Constance Wu….#28 WHAaat? So that just happened ”

This is when Nancy recognized a face with whom she is more than familiar.  There in this list of 40 actresses is a young actress who lives under her very same roof. It was her daughter, Calhoun.

Born in Northern China, Calhoun has lived in New York, Delaware, and Michigan.  She first appeared as Quadling #1 in the 2013 Sam Raimi production of “Oz the Great and Powerful.” She has since added 35 credited roles to her resume including her role as Jade Kalani in the Harley Wallen directed, Painted Creek production of “Moving Parts.”

On November 29, 2018, Calhoun guest-starred on Law & Order Special Victim’s Unit (NBC)  in an episode in which she co-starred with two Hollywood/TV legends, one of whom is an Oscar nominee/multiple Emmy-winner, the incomparable Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T.

As well as working with her Michigan family of actors and crew, she has worked with Hollywood names such as Dennis Haskins, (known as Mr. Belding in “Saved by the Bell,” and “A Million Ways to Die In the West,”  Billy Wirth (“The Lost Boys,”” MacArthur Park,”” The Body Snatchers” and “War Party”), John Savage (“Deer Hunter (1978),”” Hair (1979),”” Salvador (1986).” and “Thin Red Line (1998),”  Richard Tyson (“Kindergarten Cop (1990)”, “Battleship Earth (2000)”, “Black Hawk Down (2001),”) Blanca Blanco (“Fake News (2017),”” Torch (2017)” and “Mission Possible ( 2018),”) Yan Birch (“People Under the Stairs (1991)”, “Santa Barbara (1991).”” Essence of Echoes (2002)) and three-time Martial Arts Masters Hall of fame inductee. TJ Storm (AKA Juan Ricardo Ojeda).

Although Calhoun especially loves playing dark, complex characters, it was for her role as Pearl Song, in the Auburn Moon production of “Bennett’s Song” that she won an award as Leading Actor from the International Independent Film Awards.

As well as being an actress,  Calhoun’s varied interests include singing, dancing, scuba diving, writing, and art. As a musician-Calhoun plays multiple instruments. She is seventeen years old.

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Or to view what she is presently working. check out her IMDB page.

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  1. To the author of this, a correction to be noted, she has worked with Hollywood names such as Dennis Haskins, (known as Mr. Belvedere in “Saved by the Bell,”
    Dennis Haskins played Mr. Belding in “Saved by the Bell”

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