As we enter the new year, Patrick Harney is excited about several projects on which he is working

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As we enter 2020, have you got projects locked in place that you are excited about working on?  Patrick Harney has.  And as he had said on his Facebook actor’s page, “I’m excited to see what happens with all of these projects (he counts six in which he is involved) moving forward. Here’s to making 2020 an even better year than 2019. Working to add many more to this list!”

This is the list of a   half dozen projects on which Harney is working, either as an actor, or as an actor/producer.  This list includes:

Half Blood – Filming begins soon (acting)
Scapegoat– 2020 release (acting/producing)
The Denny Dooley Story– post prod (acting)
Debutante – post production (acting)
Electron Blade – post production (acting)

About these projects,  Patrick Harney said:


Half Blood is a series that will be on Amazon Prime created by Melisa Sandlin, and directed by Tony McCants. I play Nicholaus who is the brains of the operation. Filming for the pilot will be happening toward the beginning of this year.

Scapegoat (as you’ve written about before, is a Vigilant Entertainment Production). That will be released sometime this summer!


Locker 42 is also a Vigilant Entertainment Production as well as an AxeFin Production. Written by Nolan Bryand and Jeff Kapp, and Directed by Jeff Kapp, I’m acting and producing on it. I’ll be starring in it as Officer Conlan along side a cousin of mine Axel Harney who will be playing Detective Hayes. It’s a crime drama that I can’t wait to get started on! Axel and Shane Schanski are producers on it as well. The plan is to start production toward the end of the year!


The Denny Dooley Story is directed by Aaron Russman and is expected to be released toward the end of the year. I play a small part who is the lead vocalist and guitar player named Chick who leads Chick and the Ravens. It takes place in the late 60s-Early 70s. Also, for The Denny Dooley Story, there is original music in it and my I’ll be singing a song that’s my bands song. We will be recording that song this year.


Electron Blade. A TK2 Films production. Created by Callie Bussell and Tommy Kraft, the pilot is being finished by Tommy so it can be pitched. I play a philosophical stoner named Sindricus, (somewhat channeling my inner Matthew McConaughey) who doesn’t speak much, but when he speaks, it’s important. The release date of the pilot is still unknown at this time.

And then finally, Debutante is a short film by Ryan Cole also starring Courtney Green, Joe Gaskill, and Kristin Vandermeer. That’s expected to release this year as well.

About Patrick Harney
Patrick Lee Harney was born in Lansing, Michigan on October 26th, 1995. He is the son of Tammy and Edward Harney, as well as the youngest of four children. He was raised in Haslett, Michigan by a proud Irish family, surrounded by sports and music. He graduated from the local high school and went on to go to Michigan State University for two years where he studied film production.

Patrick began his acting career in 2008 doing the local middle school’s musical. He auditioned as somewhat of a joke because a friend told him too, and he ended up getting a lead role. From that point on, he was in the high school’s musicals every year from the 2009-2010 year until the 2013-2014 year as well as participated in the school’s Chorale choir and Men’s Ensemble.

Patrick began studying acting with Taylor Kelsaw in 2015 and while he attended Michigan State University, began doing student films as well as doing a local theater company’s version of the musical “Dogfight,” where he played the lead role of Eddie Birdlace. He was nominated for a Pulsar Award in the category of “Best Lead Actor in a Musical”.

In 2016, during his sophomore year in college, he landed the supporting role of Vince in the MSU made feature film called “Sorta Late (2016”. This was apart of a project called Theatre2Film. The film premiered at the Traverse City Film Festival in 2016.

In 2017, Patrick landed some background work in Michael McCallum’s short film Eskimo Brothers (2017), and Katheryn Bigelow’s “Detroit (2017).” He also landed a role on the pilot for a sci-fi series called “Electron Blade (2017-)” playing the role of Sindricus. During this time, Patrick began filming “Scapegoat (2018),” playing the lead role of Matt, which premieres in September of 2018.

Patrick appeared in the music video for “Torn Apart” by metal band Of Virtue in 2018 as well. He has lended his voice for the SiN Studios produced video game Tuebor, as well as a short film called “Letters (2018).”

He will be teaming up again with the director of “Scapegoat (2019),” Jeff Kapp, to produce and star in Vigilant Entertainment’s feature film Storage. It is currently in development at this time. Patrick will also be starring in a police, crime drama, DPD Echo 1, which is set to start filming this summer.

Follow Patrick Harney on his Official PHarney Facebook actor’s page.
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