17 year old Ann Arbor native wraps primary filming of her debut film

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Catalytic Art & Media has completed principal filming of “Mine Then Yours,” the debut film of 17-year-old Ann Arbor native Claire de Vries.

Following High school senior Beth and her mother on a road trip as they visit a college campus, and as a misunderstanding undoes the mother’s best-laid plans, “Mine Then Yours,” is Catalytic’s latest project as part of its mission to create original media with local artists and to support up and coming talent.

“This film exemplifies our commitment to creating visionary original work by Michigan artists,” says Barton Bund, CEO of Catalytic.

de Vries, a senior at Skyline High School wrote and directed the film. Loosely based on Claire’s own experience with selecting and auditioning for colleges, she also stars as Beth.

Catalytic brought together leading Michigan talent to support this project.  Bund is serving as executive producer and providing direct mentoring support to de Vries.  In addition to his considerable film and television work, he has spent 20 years working in the theatre, directing productions for the Blackbird Theatre, Shakespeare West, Shakespeare Royal Oak, Michigan Opera Theatre.

Erika Hoveland, known for Sparkle (2012, Larry’s Secretary), The House That Jack Broke (2013, Ann Peterson), Injustice for All (2016, Harleen Quinzel), Love Immortal (2019, Professor Patricia Williams), and Eternal Code (2019,  Bridget Pellegrini), among other titles,  came on board to play Beth’s mother.

Claire de Vries (left) and Erika Hoveland in a scene from “Mine Then Yours.” Photo by Jequane Roberts.

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