Bret Miller’s short film ‘Pretorius’ now on Film Shortage

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Bret Miller’s macabre love story “Pretorius” can now be found online.

This short film has had its festival-run and was an official selection at the Thriller! Chiller!Grand Rapids, MI,  the River Bend Film Festival, Goshen, Indiana, the Cleveland Concoction,  Cleveland, Ohio, Devil’s Night Gallery, Oak Park, Michigan, and Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival, Bay City, MI.

“Pretorius” appears on Vimeo and now appears on  Film Shortage, a cinema showcase of the best short films online.   A macabre short story about a man and his love, a decomposing body in a red dress. As the man (simply referred to as “Alive”) spends more time with her (simply referred to as “Dead”). the more control she gains.

Written, directed, and edited by Bret Miller,  “Pretorius” stars Chris Kotcher who had appeared as Logan in Miller’s short film “Red Skies (2016),” as well as CDI’s Chasing the Star(2017), and Wild Faith (2018),  and Mariea Luisa Macavei, known for her work on Rumors of Wars (2014), For All It’s Worth and Made Vicious.  Together Kotcher and Macavei have appeared in several films including Daniel Falicki‘s “Accidental Exorcist.”
Chris Randall can be heard as the voice of the building super.

Said Chris Kotcher, “When your boy Bret Miller (a tenacious filmmaking talent and all-around good dude) calls you up and says “Hey what are you doing next Monday? Let’s shoot a short film.” Some horror/romance for your February ahead.  Featuring a drop-dead-gorgeous (as per usual) Mariea Luisa Macavei.

Made in Detroit, “Pretorius”  was produced by Bret Miller, Emily Nichols, and Adam Rock,with Victor Lord as Executive Producer.  Adam Rock was Director of Photography
with music composed by Sam Redfern, gaffed by Chad Miller, 1st AC Emily Nichols, Color Grade by Ryan Sundberg, location sound by Will Mosqueda,  audio designed and mixed by Sasa Slogar.

The visual effects were done by Daniel E. Falicki.

This is an AMP Production.

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