‘Bliss Burger’ accepted to stream later this summer as an Official Selection by the French Riviera Film Festival

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“Who would have ever thought we (“Bliss Burger”) was (sic) fancy enough for the French Riviera Film Festival!? Yet here we are, an official selection Very excited to be part of the festival and congrats to the cast and crew!” exclaimed actor Jimmy Doom.  Jimmy plays Mr. Wright in this movie. 

“Bliss Burger, ”  the short film that could is finding international acceptance, and acclaim as far away as Cannes, France.  Now part of the French Riviera Film Festival, which is scheduled to stream online because of the pandemic, it is one of 20 films received from around the globe that were accepted as official selections of this festival.

Written and directed by Adam Wright, starring Shannon Basalla, Darline Bucchare, and Jimmy Doom, among others,  this is a story about an immigrant’s assimilation into America’s national religion of consumerism and the search for God’s warm embrace through cheeseburgers.

The Storyline: For Ajit’s wife, his voyage to the United States is to complete his PhD in Engineering. For Ajit, it’s an opportunity to temporarily escape the clutches of an arraigned marriage. After he cuts himself off from his cultural roots he finds himself isolated in a new world and remedies his guilt of running away through the solace of a company called Bliss Burger.

The French Riviera Film Festiva celebrates short film and short-form content from around the globe featuring the works of filmmakers from more than 20 countries. Finalists have been selected for the Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Sci-Fi/Horror, Animation, Experimental, Music Video, and Fashion categories. The entire list of finalists can be found online.  “Bliss Burger” has been categorized as a horror film. The full list of finalists is available at:

Finalists 2020

The festival will be held online from September 18-19, 2020.  Part of the FRFF programming also features a special virtual Women Filmmakers Panel to start off the festival, before the first day’s screenings. It also includes an out-of-competition screening of Kevin Asch’s comedy Characters  The festival will culminate with a special ZOOM awards ceremony, to be held live from the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, and to feature live and pre-recorded segments, celebrity hosts and guests, musical performances, and some surprises.

RMINÉ will provide special couture fabric face masks for participants to wear during the live portion of the event.  Additional details regarding both online events to be provided shortly.

Beverly Hills and Cannes are sister cities Partnering with the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel, the Beverly Hills will be the sight of this year’s virtual gala awards ceremony.

“As much as we would have liked to watch Bliss Burger Movie with a live audience in Cannes, France, the festival will be streamed virtually this year due to safety concerns. Stay safe out there, friends!”  concludes Jimmy Doom.

More info on the French Riviera Film Festival:

Bliss Burger is  a Twin Fins Production
Twin Fins Productions

Twin Fins Productions statement:
Twin Fins Productions seeks to create unforgettable moments that are forged through a collaborative bond with filmmakers. To remind others of our common humanity–to create films that tell honest stories that inspire, encourage, comfort, expose, challenge–and give a voice to the reality, beauty, and mystery of life. We aspire to produce films that are as much a piece of art as they are entertainment. It is our purpose, much like a curator in a museum of fine art, to find and share these stories with the world.



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