Shad Moore drops Brayson Black’s third teaser

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“Detroit has a new criminal and his name is Brayson Black.’ This is the tag-line for Mushad Moore’s latest production.

Mushad Moore and S13 Productions and Royal Flush Films have dropped the third teaser for the TV series “Brayson Black. ”

Starring Orvalle Williams, Steven Smith, and Shad Moore as Brayson Black, this clip opens with Jahri played by Smith sitting in a bar, examining a computer hard-drive that he has stolen from Brayson.  When he goes out to get into his car he finds to his surprise he finds Brandon played by Orvalle Williams sitting in the back seat.  With a gun to his head, Jahri is forced to give up the hard-drive.  Returning the hard-drive to Brayson,  Brandon is told of Brayson’s plans for him on the West Coast.  Kavin “MSV” Tates appears as Brayson’s driver.

If you missed the first two episodes of Brayson Black, here they are.  In this first teaser, we see Brandon walk out a building and get into a waiting Uber ride. Seeing that the driver is female and she is fine, Brandon cuts short his telephone conversation and starts to talk with the driver. Brandon turns up the charm, and she invites him back to her place. There, she makes him a drink with just a little something in it. Within minutes he is out. When he awakens Brandon finds himself looking into the face of Brayson Black.

The first promo teaser stars Orvalle Williams as Brandon, Curr’eesha Beatty as Gina, and Mushad Moore as Brayson.

In this second teaser, Brayson talks to Julian played by Malachi Anderson about doing a job. Whitney Holmes, Noelle Frye, Andre Evans, Brianna Jai, and Piero Pizzali appear as members of the crowd.  Kevin MSV Tates is the director of photography.

In upcoming episodes, Kevin Tates will appear with Etta Williams, Anna Hollingsworth, and Latashia Williams as yet another actress.



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