The trailer for the Detroit based ‘Fault Gamma’ has dropped

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On October 9th, the science fiction wasteland story, Fault: Gamma will premiere live on YouTube.

The trailer for the sci-fi thriller, Fault Gamma has dropped.  Inspired by the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Fault Gamma is about two terminally ill characters who investigate the death of a loved one in a historic nuclear meltdown in Detroit.

Penned and directed by husband and wife duo, Fred Evans, and Jana` Chantel,  they created the story as part of a script-writing contest in which the focus was women in strong technology backgrounds.  With the continued growth of technology and the lack of visual entertainment, Fred and Jana wanted to explore advanced technology in a way that everyone can understand.   Fault Gamma is produced by the Detroit based Thirty Four 26 Studios.

Nearly a year has passed since Cheryl Graham —a renowned engineer— had her life taken, in what the media claims “a heroic attempt to prevent the reactors from melting down.”  Her daughter, Terri, and Martin, who was once her fiancé, eventually find evidence of foul play in her death.  Together they discover an underground facility code-named The Blue Lake Project.

Living double lives when interacting outside of the wasteland, Terri attends college and supports herself as an ethical hacker/programmer.  Martin, a retired biology professor,  hides his obsession with solving the mystery surrounding Cheryl Graham’s death by maintaining a somewhat normal life. But obsessed with getting answers, he presses on with his investigations without the advisement from Terri. This causes Martin and Terri to frequently argue.

Starring Jillian Craighead as Terri Graham, the introverted prodigious ethical hacker/programmer,  and Chris Ewing as Martin Vessor,  the retired biology professor,  and Molly Gibson, Terri’s BFF, and a host of other actors,  Fault: Gamma, which started production in 2017,  will have its TV Pilot Premiere online on Youtube October 2, 2020- Private Cast and Crew, and October 9, 2020- Public admission.  Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

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