‘Grand Theft Auto: Murder City’ premieres at Emagine Theater–watch entire movie online

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Everyone deserves a second chance. Ashei Khan had demonstrated himself.  Known as rapper, Freeze, he had released a number one hit. Then he was indicted on largely trumped-up charges.  After release,  he worked hard to again establish himself–this time in Michigan’s film industry.  With$300,000 he has work to build his brand BlackHollywood.

To go along with this streaming platform Ashei Khan filmed 4 movies last year.. Each successive movie had a substantially larger budget. With each, he built a bigger, and better platform for independent artists to get exposure.  In the Industry he’s become known as The Guerrilla King.

His latest movie,  Grand Theft Auto: MurderCity, has had the biggest budget of them all.  In it what really happened to rapper Max Julian is revealed.  Who’s really behind his death?  On Friday the 13th,  based on a true story, this movie revealed it all.

Last night, Friday the 13th, 2020 was the Red Carpet Premiere at the Bel-Air Luxury Cinema (8 mile & Van Dyke).  Paparazzi Red Carpet – 7pm, the movie started at  8:00 PM.  After the premiere an After Party for Ashei Khan’s Birthday Party! (private location).

Now you can view the movie in its entirety online.

Written by Ashei Khan, directed by Ashei Khan, Grand Theft Auto: Murder City starred Kash Doll as the store manager, Ashei Khan as self (The Guerrilla King), Savagemike as a gang member,   and Mark Walker as gang member #2.

Kash Doll was born and raised in Detroit. As a musician, she is known for having She is best known for her roles as collaborating with many artists such as Icewear Vezzo, Trina, and Ca$h Out. Later she signed with BMB records. In 2015 Kash Doll released her first mixtape Keisha vs. Kash Doll where she collaborated with Trina, Lyrica Anderson and B.O.B. It sold 600,000 in the first two days and was an unexpected success.   She has appeared as Trish in Birds of a Feather (2016),  Leslie in “I Got the Hook-Up”(2019), and herself in Empire (2020).

Michael “SavageMike” is an actor, singer, rapper, and song writer.  He has appeared in the Ashei Khan directed/produced Drugz and Strippers 2.  In this film, he appeared as himself,  SavageMike.

This is Mark Walker’s debut as an actor.

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