H Wolfe III’s ‘Rec Man’ is now on Amazon Prime–“Recreation is not all fun and games!”

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After almost a year and a half since the World Premiere of “Rec Man,” (August 11, 2018), it can now be watched in its entirety on Amazon Prime.  Written and directed by  H Wolfe III, “Rec Man” stars  Odell Johnson, Julzie Gravel, Earnest Lee , Tokkyo Faison, and other Detroit talent.  It is produced by  Rainbow Visions Video and Rec Man.

Motivated to be the best at what he does, by the values that were instilled in him by his father, James Braxton Sr. who taught him the value of using leisure time in a positive way, Rec Man has to fight proposed budget cuts and The Out Cold Boyz or OCB to keep the Young Center from closing. Little does he realize, something far more sinister and deadly is at work and it is up to him, the staff and the police to stop it.

Says Faison, “A lot of actors in this film have now blossomed in their acting careers after this project. True artist! We are  so proud of you guys..keep doing you thing.! Happy New Years, peace and blessings. “

Says Aqeel Ash-Shakoor, ” Filmed in 2017, “Rec Man” was the 2nd film that my son, Ji’Ri Ash-Shakoor(Lil Zeke), and I, Aqeel Ash-Shakoor,  (Detective Watts) filmed together in non-father and son roles. Thank you to HWolfe III and Tokkyo Faison for this awesome opportunity in us both growing as actors after only two years of being in the industry.”

This can now be seen on Amazon Prime. 

What is director H Wolfe III doing since the release of Rec Man? Says he, “We’re actually working on a sequel to Rec Man and will be working on a few short films as well. We’re doing a streaming podcast and I’m helping a church with their live stream. I’m also producing content for some You Tube channels as well. We’ve been keeping busy despite the pandemic. The script for the sequel is nearly complete, once that is finalized, or any of the other pending projects, we’d love to give you the story.”

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His website is http://www.rainbowvisionsvideo.com/


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