While in post-production, director Lance Kawas shares photos from the ‘Good Thief’

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While in post-production, director Lance Kawas has shared some photos from the production of the “Good Thief.”

Originally called “An Honest Thief,” this production started as Golden Globe-nominated actor Tom Sizemore’s (Heat and Saving Private Ryan) passion project and was to be a  step toward rebuilding his up-and-down career following a public relapse.  Written by Aaron Sizemore, Tom Sizemore’s younger brother   “Good Thief” is set in Sizemore’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

The crime drama revolves around three petty thieves who hatch a plan to rip off a local pawnbroker and steal his valuable baseball card collection. As their respective worlds collide, all sorts of bloody mayhem seem fated to follow..

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Produced by Aaron Sizemore,  Hicham Benkirane, Lance Kawas, Robert Laenen, with Lance Kawas directing,  Marguerite Wasinski as Assistant Director, Cinematography by Istvan Lettang, Matthew Sisco on sound,  “Good Thief” stars Robert Laenen (as Carl),  Ebony Tates (as Sarah), Peter Donahue (as Danny), Jimmy Doom (as Honest Abe), Jimmie Chiappelli  (as Abe’s father), Virginia Bryant (as Tara), Melanie Mahanna (as Penny), Aaron Matthew Atkisson (as Larry), Jillian Craighead (as Taylor), Adam Defillipi (as Edgar), and Antoine Jackson (as Mr. Good), among others.

“Good Thief” is scheduled for release in 2021.

For more on “Good Thief,”  here is the article which ran in the Weekender on December 5, 2020.


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