Controlled Chaos moves ‘Batman Other Worlds’ to Westland, Michigan, to continue filming in of all places…

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It’s been six months in the making, but the filming of Controlled Chaos’ “Batman Other Worlds” looks as though it is just about ready to wrap.  Moving from Main Street, Plymouth, Michigan, production was moved to Westland, Michigan this week, March 15-17.

It was easy to miss the building wherein the film set could be found.  I did. Given nothing but a street address, I had no way of anticipating where they would be filming.

Rounding the corner onto Cherry Hill Road, from Newburgh Road, Westland, Michigan, I passed a CVS Pharmacy and a Westland Ice Arena, and I was approximately a mile down the road before I started seeing street numbers and realized I had passed the address I was given.

Doing a quick U-turn, I turned back toward the intersection of Cherry Hill and Newburgh.  Looking for something I could recognize, I saw a trailer, and several people entering the building.

I parked. Approaching the building, Dylan Sides came out and greeted me.  I knew where I was supposed to be.  But what was this Westland Ice Arena?  This seemed like a suspiciously odd place for a Batman film shoot.

Entering the building, to my amazement and dumbfoundment was a street scene that stretched out for the full width of this ice arena.  This was no ice arena!  This was a haunted house attraction and the street scene I was looking at was where the public would gather in-season before entering this attraction which they did so through a hotel, This whole street scene looked as though it were ripped off from downtown New Orleans.

On the one side of the street was a curiosity shop, a Blues bar, an ice cream parlor with two giant harlequin masks. a stage before the street ended at a multi-story white house with big columns.  Returning up the street was the hotel with its open front entrance.

This is where the filming for this secret project would take place.  This was the perfect film set.  This, at least in my mind, was comparable to any film set in Hollywood, perhaps on a smaller scale.  How awesome!  Who knew?  Things were really taking shape!  This production was going to be one of the most epic in the Batman canon, one which people would talk about for ages.


On the first day of filming, we watched as stuntman Bobby Laenen prepped for a stunt in which he would descend from thirty feet in the air into a super-hero landing, before breaking up a street fight.

With the help of a scissor lift, Bobby was hoisted thirty feet into the air to an awaiting rope which threaded through the steel rafters of the building he fastened to his body. On this, he was lowered to the ground.

He did this several times, working for the perfect shot. And believe it, he worked for it,  before he heard, “Cut!”  Every time he did this, those present held their breath.

As awesome as this stunt was, the fight was as well.  The actors engaged in this scene really took their lumps.  Take after take, they threw themselves literally into this scene.  On the second day of the shoot, actors returned to this shoot hobbled from being thrown around the day before.

When these scenes were completed, at the conclusion of the first day, everyone who remained was treated to a tour of this attraction. Building manager Bryan Jones took us on this excursion, with each becoming darker and scarier than the one before it.   Entering through the front door of the hotel, we saw its elevators, its boiler room, its gardens, and more.  There was no expense spared.  It showed.

As Bryan revealed in a conversation afterward,  over $2 M was spent doing what they had done, and they had only started.  This coming season would be the third for the Hush Haunted House.   If you like haunted attractions, you owe it to yourself to visit.  But be forewarned, this is not for the faint of heart.

To think that this production was being filmed on the set of a haunted house as awesome as Hush Haunted House should give you some idea of how epic this secret project will be.


HUSH Haunted Attraction has earned a local and national reputation being ranked as one of Metro Detroit’s BEST Haunted Houses by Channel 4 News and among the Top 13 in the nation by Coaster Nation, as well being named one of the nation’s Top Haunt’s by The Haunted Attraction Association.

Known for Hollywood quality sets, high-quality actors, and an action-packed, heart-pumping layout HUSH is back and completely redesigned.

Hush Haunted Attraction can be found on Facebook at

Michigan filmmakers, if you are looking for a film set with a creep-factor that is completely off the scales,  Hush Haunted Attraction can be rented for a price in its off-season.

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  1. You probably never heard of Westland Ice Arena because it doesn’t exist. The closest we have is Mike Modano Arena (but that’s in a completely different neighborhood). You were at a former ROLLER RINK that used to be called Skateland West. It may still have that in giant yellow letters on the side of the building. It was purchased by Hush entertainment a while ago, which was noted in the article. It hasn’t ever been an ice rink.

    1. Thank you for this correction. It is really satisfying to know that there are those, much as yourself who are reading me enough to correct me. And I stand corrected. Thank you.

  2. Its not Westlands Ice rink it is the old Skateland roller skating rink. Westlands Ice skating rink is on Wildwood.

    1. Thank you for this correction. It is really satisfying to know that there are those, much as yourself who are reading me enough to correct me. And I stand corrected. I am not from Westland. In fact, this was my first visit.

  3. the location is Skateland – It’s a roller skating rink, not an Ice Rink. The Ice Rink in Westland is on Wildwood at Hunter – about 4 miles away.

    1. Thank you for this correction. It is really satisfying to know that there are those, much as yourself who are reading me enough to correct me. And I stand corrected.

  4. Hello MMM2.0 Weekender. That is so cool that they filmed part of the movie where I’ve taken my kids skating and even went skating there as a child myself. We will be very excited inseeing that in the film once it is complete and released. I also, wanted to apologize for my Westland neighbors who felt that they needed to repeatedly correct you on the location.

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