CDI’s WW2 homefront drama ‘Silent Night In Algona’ finding brand support

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Some well-established brands and companies are entering into promotional/marketing arrangements with Collective Development Inc.’s upcoming film endeavor ‘Silent Night in Algona,’ a WW2 Christmas Homefront drama. This film was inspired by actual events giving audiences a peek into how one small American town coped with the German PW camps that were placed throughout the Midwest. The film has many powerful messages that ring as true today as in 1944.

This story was woven together by screenwriter DJ Perry from surviving bits and pieces of the local Iowa history. Consulting on the script was Perry’s friend and mentor Rance Howard. Rance is the patriarch of the Howard family whereas Ron and Clint have become household names. Rance lived during WW2 and talked often about the concern people carried of being attacked on US soil. Rance had been raised on a farm and wanted to make sure the proper detail was included in the script. Rance sadly passed away in 2017 but will be honored by the team at Collective Development Inc by telling the best story they possibly can.

The inspiring and uplifting Christmas story has attracted major sponsors like Smithfield Foods, Lerma Transportation, and The Candleberry Co along with product partners like Hershey’s and Hormel/Spam, both of which have their brands appear in the film as they did in 1944.

It’s been fun to deal with the brand historians to retrieve these 1944 label wraps. A Hersheys bar was only 5 cents!” – DJ Perry, screenwriter/producer

More companies are in talks to align their brand including several German companies who see the film’s message as inspirational and positive. Cameras will roll in November 2021 directed by Anthony Hornus, who previously directed “Man’s Best Friend” available worldwide now.

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