Gravitas Ventures acquires worldwide rights to Lance Kawas’ thriller ‘Good Thief’

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Gravitas Ventures has acquired worldwide rights to Lance Kawas’ thriller “Good Thief.”

After almost a decade,  Aaron Sizemore penned, “Good Thief” will release on TVOD and digital platforms on November 30.  Originally called “An Honest Thief,” this production started as Golden Globe-nominated actor Tom Sizemore’s (Heat and Saving Private Ryan) passion project and was to be a  step toward rebuilding his up-and-down career following a public relapse.

Set in Sizemore’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan, it was set to film on location.  This would have been Tom Sizemore’s first film as a producer and would have attached as producers  Danny Trejo (Machete), Sally Kellerman (MASH), and David Proval (The Sopranos, Mean Streets) to the project.

“Good Thief” revolves around three petty thieves who hatch a plan to rip off a local pawnbroker and steal his valuable baseball card collection. As their worlds collide, all sorts of bloody mayhem seem fated to follow..

A crowdfunding campaign was announced.  The filmmakers sought $500,000 on Indiegogo to supplement private funds already raised toward a $2 million-plus budget. But production hit several stops. Starting, sputtering, and stopping as it did, it never seemed to take off. That is until Detroit director Lance Kawas (Revenge of the Mask (2018), Rise of the Mask (2019), and Oden’s 9 (2020)), and his crew was approached to helm this project.

As Kawas tells it,  the reason this project never took off was “because the producers could not secure the right financing until recently and I was hired to direct it. There were other directors attached during the course of its inception but like in most films the environment changes and plans change.

“I was asked to direct it about two months prior to production so I also came in as a producer and crewed it and got the locations and built my team around it to make it happen. Basically, I agreed to the funding that was available and I marshaled my A-team and they agreed to the terms so we took it on. As you know my team and I have been doing a film together for a while so, like osmosis, it all worked out.”

In December of last year, filming on “Good Thief” wrapped, and the project entered post-production.  “Good Thief” will release on TVOD and digital platforms on November 30.

Written by Aaron Sizemore, directed by Lance Kawas, “Good Thief” stars Peter Donahue, Bobby Laenen,  Shomari Giles, Melanie Mehanna, Jimmy Doom, Gary Brunner, and Adam Defellippi, among others.  Producers include Hicham Benkirane and Lance Kawas.  Executive Producers Aaron Sizemore, Bobby Laenen, Sam Bauer.  Editor Sam Bauer. Co-Editor Ray Doezen. Sound Design Steven Yeamen, Sam Bauer. Music by Steven Yeamen. Director of Photography Ishtvan Lettang.

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