The latest episode of Tattered Tales is out now! (Listen) Tattered Tales Episode 7-‘Under the Bed’

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The latest episode of “Tattered Tales” is out now! – When seven-year-old Bobby’s parents go out for the night, his babysitter encounters more of a challenge than she expected.  A mean-spirited babysitter finds out firsthand that a child’s imagination can be stronger than she thinks.


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Brought to you by Ngano Press Studios – An immersive audio anthology series from the mind of Joe Wakefield. The series dives into stories of fantasy, science fiction, intrigue, and the discovery of brave new worlds. Join us on this storytelling journey in the style of the old radio dramas with a unique 21st-century twist.

Produced by Spooky Castle Productions and Ngona Press Studios, Produced by Lizzy Ana Wakefield, Story by: Andrew Fortunato, RadioPlay by: Andrew Fortunato and  Joe Wakefield, Tatter Tales stars Heston Mosher as the narrator, Ellie Glavich as Monica McCarthy, Luke Fischer as EIijah McCarthy, Annie Youk as Bobby McCarthy, Calista Masters as Jackie, Jazzmine Day as Sarah, Quincy Brehmer as the Pizza Guy.   Music composed by Maxwell Tredder.  Audio Designed by: Luke Fischer. Executive Produced by Rick Lug.

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