“(Watch) A Lonely Place to Die Trailer 3 The Hunt Continues-New-season coming 11/9

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The hunt continues as Marco’s sister, Donna, is killed and he vows revenge. Vee offers a $2 million bounty on Marco, which brings in violent gangsters from all over the city looking to take part in it! In addition, two powerful families are fighting viciously for control over dead secrets that can change everything…

A new player has come onto the scene- will they be able to do what no one else could?

Once Detroit’s most notorious gangster, Marco Paige is on a mission for revenge and he will take it from the streets to the hood, all the way down into what seems like Hell itself.

On his trail is his old rival, Vee, who wants to take him down for good. But as Vee hunt Marco down through Detroit’s tough neighborhoods and its dark underbelly of crime lord and killers, to powerful corporations and old families with old dark secrets. Nothing can prepare them for what they’ll find at their destination…

New-season coming 11/9 on Amazon Prime, Detroit City TV, and Vimeo.

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