(Watch) ‘The Fourth’ trailer–portion of the ZOS Films Grindhouse Anthology ‘Bizarre Mayhem’

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We are happy to present to you, the fans, the first teaser trailer for the upcoming short “The Fourth,” written and directed by Jeremy Kayser.

This is a portion of the ZOS Films Grindhouse Anthology, “Bizarre Mayhem”. – a part of the “Bizarre Mayhem” anthology feature film.

“A group of vacationing adults go out to their usual summer spot for a time they will never forget. Along the way, the group gets involved with an injured stranger and with a mysterious entity that seems to be taking over the group. They soon realize, not all things are what they seem.”

Written and Directed by: Jeremy Kayser
Cinematography by: Benyamin Aki
Starring: Rebecca Guth, Frederick Wims, Ryan Jesse, Mark Stoll, Dale Dobson, and Rachel Beck.
Executive Producers: Bill Gelineau, Jim Laymon, Jeremy Kayser, Robin Laymon, and Stephanie Gelineau


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