Director Joel Paul Reisig shares BTS stills from his latest production ‘East Side Story’

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Director Joel Paul Reisig has shared some BTS stills from his latest production “East Side Story.”

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“East Side Story,” a modern Romeo, and Juliet with an all-black cast continue filming in and around Detroit.

Director Joel Paul Reisig.

So far these are some of the sets being used for filming.

East Side Story, the movie, needs help finding some key locations. Please comment if you have any of the following, and please share. Thank you!
1. A Mansion. Need to film inside of a really nice/historic-looking Detroit-type mansion.
2. A Princess room. A girl’s bedroom,a large room with plenty of space for filming, that looks like a very well-off teen HS girl actually lives there. Needed for one day/evening.
3. Club. A dance club, the type you’d find in Detroit or Pontiac. We do need to film on a weekend, but we can do daytime on a Sunday. One full day.
4. Church. An old brick or stone church, the type found all over Detroit. (however, we could film in any suburb also, and cheat it to look like we’re in Detroit). Two full days.
5. A Badass Car. Something that a gang leader in his 20s might drive. Could be as simple as a Dodge Charger, but this is the Motor City, there has to be something a lot more interesting out there. One evening for about 3 hours, and then the next day for about 3 hours.

Stay tuned.

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