‘The Bag Girls 2’ Film premieres December 4

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“The Bag Girl 2” a Wil Lewis III film will see its world premiere Sat, December 4, 2021, at the  Emagine Royal Oak, 200 North Main Street, Royal Oak, MI.  An UrbanCineplex Entertainment LLC film production, tickets for “The Bag Girls 2” are available through Eventbrite.com.

The original episode of the “Bag Girls,” introduced us to twenty-seven-year-old Deandrea Smith, wife of prominent business owner Walter Smith. who, after she catches him in bed with another woman, is locked out of the house. Consulting with a lawyer, she finds that he had had her relinquish rights to the house and business, causing her to become destitute and enraged with revenge.

Conspiring to steal $50,000 from Walter, Deandrea persuades her best friend, Nola Drake, an exotic dancer, and two more women, Daisy, a street thug, and Crystal, a religious single mother, to help them execute a plan.   As Walter wraps up business and is closing the office, these four women break in and rob him, taking the money from his safe. Relishing the excitement of a successful heist, they up their game by and try their hands to grab bigger spoils.  They rob Nola’s place of employment, the Truth Gentlemen’s Club.. Gaining notoriety, “The Bag Girls’ are hired to do a job that’s way over their head when they go against Miami’s Cuban mafia.“The Bag Girls” reflected a gritty realism of growing up in the mean streets of the D.

In “The Bag Girls 2” DeAndrea, Nola, Daisy, and Crystal’s successful streak of robberies on drug dealers reaches its peak. Planning to exit the operation to resume normal lives, their plan is disrupted by a notorious Columbian Cartel Queen’s relentless pursuit for revenge.  “The Bag Girls 2” promises to be a thrill a minute ride as only Wil Lewis III can offer.

From the Bag Girls Soundtrack YANEE, FIESTA

About Wil Lewis III
Wil is a filmmaker whose films reflect the hard, gritty realism of life on the Detroit streets. These are his stories told his way. Wil was a kid that grew up in the hood, made it through all the dealings that come with living the street life, He specializes in putting controversial content and storylines into his films.  His films may make some people uneasy about their content but the in-your-face way these films are made always starts a discussion about inner-city street life and a way to make a change.

Wil made his first film “The Life – Sex, Drugs & Violence in 2004” and it was a Detroit city underground hit. For years after that, he perfected his craft by working on other projects big and small until 2013 when he executive produced, directed, wrote, and starred in “The Life – Sex, Drugs & Violence part II.” In 2016, Wil co-executive produced, directed, and starred in “Motor City Living” a film that premiered locally to an overflowing theater and has been a Detroit city favorite film since its release.

In 2016, Wil wrote, directed and executive produced the film titled “Switch” which has been the most popular drama on streaming platforms for an extended period of time. In 2018 Wil directed and executive produced the comedy film “Dagram.”

Wil Lewis III’s is a success story that can be mimicked by the many kids who are still in those situations for generations to come.

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