(Special event) Collective Development Inc.’s ‘Best Years Gone’ to screen for limited engagement in Lansing

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Collective Development Inc.’s dark comedy-audience-favorite “Best Years Gone”  will screen for a limited engagement at the Celebration Cinema, November 24-28.  Located at 200 E Edgewood Blvd, Lansing, MI, tickets are available online at www.celebrationcinema.com/cinemas/Celebration-Cinema-Lansing.

In “Best Years Gone,” the CDI Tribe is at it again.  In the dramedy ‘Best Years Gone’ the story follows the post glory life of middle-aged, dreamer, slacker, and former race car drive Gil Gilles (DJ Perry). After several years of destructive behavior, Gil is devoid of any real friends or family save the equally destructive ‘love of his life’ Sylvia (played by Erika Hoveland.)

Sylvia’s challenging relationship is strained further by her twin daughters (who are played by sisters Zoie and Tessa Dye) who have been victimized by a string of Sylvia’s past boyfriends.  The girls want no part of Gil.

True love, family, forgiveness, dreams,  and drama all play into this quirky tale based on a book by Karl Manke (the book’s author) from a script, story adaptation by DJ Perry.  “Best Years Gone” is directed by multi-award-winning producer, writer, and actor Shane Hagedorn (known for having directed Ashes of Eden (2014).

Joining these four, Slyvia, her daughters, and Gil,  is the stellar ensemble, regulars of Collective Development Inc. part of the tribe, including Lana Wood as Edith, Victoria Jackson as Mrs. Pat, Melissa Anschutz as Mandy, Shane Hagedorn as Ike Gilles, Anthony Hornus as Sheriff Greeney, Dean Tester as Tinker, Robert Bradley as Jed, among others.  Also, with this CDI cast, are members of the crew,  who have also worked on other CDI productions, including, but not limited to, Dennis Therrian (composer), Nathaniel Nose (editor), Alexander Berdy (production designer), again with others.

Why don’t y’all come out and see what the CDI tribe has prepared for you?   You are guaranteed to be thoroughly entertained.

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