Official trailer for web-series ‘Say Nice Things’ has been released and is now online

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The official trailer for the web series “Say Nice Things” is now online and can be found at

“Say Nice Things LLC” created and produced our first season, fourteen episodes, character-driven, a dramedy in which siblings Leyroy and Natalie Hendrix persevere in maintaining Tireman Trade Center the family-owned flea market.

This fading “old Detroit” institution is a home away from home to a colorful cast of vendors where working-class moxie leads to small triumphs, side hustles, and petty schemes.

Season premiering December 2021

Created by: Veronica L. Frick
Written by: Veronica L. Frick, Radfan Alqirsh, Craig Bernier, and Julia LeBrell, “Say Nice Things” is directed by: LeShawn Bell, and stars: Mary Robertson and Andrew Barren Jr. and Features actors: Christopher Stevenson, James Xavier Slade, Joe Aasim, Tom Saari, Rico Africa, Greg Magerski, Treasheer Allison, Robbie Samples, Chris Mccall, Kaylin Reed, Forest Hudson III, Shroomi Pluto and many more

“Say Nice Things” features original music by: Shroomi Pluto & Jarrod Champion
Promo Video illustrated, composed, and voiceover by David Woodward.

“Say Nice Things” is produced by LeShawn Bell, Veronica L. Frick, Lola and Kyi, and Julia LeBrell
Costumer: Andy Martina
Set designer : Marguerite Woodward
Production Manager: Dawn Giblin
Social media manager: Pam Ferrara  (and still growing! )

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