Pierre Vaucher receives Silver Award from the Hollywood Gold Awards for his original score to ‘The Hourglass’

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Composer Pierre Vaucher a full-service multi-instrumentalist film-score composer with lead collaborations in international expedition documentaries commercials and social impact film productions has been recognized by the Hollywood Gold Awards. He has received a Silver Award for his original score for “The Hourglass.”

He works remotely orchestrating soundtracks to best complement varied platforms of visual media. Pierre’s 25 years of experience comes from his passions of classical music, pop, rock metal, and electronic music that enables him to create hushed tones and surreal arrangements integrating sound design to achieve optimum emotional impact with exotic percussion and traditional instrumentals creating a sonic palette, establishing music’s role in the storytelling process with melodies, tunes and scores of any kind of style in a precise and personal way.

Pierre is one of the few composers able to work independently without the need of any other collaborator or orchestrator offering his recording studios at Mangrove Productions a great advantage in the production of trailers, short or full feature scores cutting music production pipeline costs with the best possible quality, thanks to his renown ability using the orchestral and instrumental computer simulation giving the piece of music a possibility of outstanding original music for any application including theatrical plays, movies, commercials and television shows with a powerful impact and sweet sounds of world music sensibility.

Pierre Vaucher is a composer… a conductor… an Orchestrator… a Producer… a Lyricist… a copyist all rolled into one exceptional musician.


2 wins & 4 nominations


Hollywood Gold Awards

Won, November Award
Silver Award – Original Score for Le Sablier (2021)

I See You Awards

Nominated, I See You Award
Best Soundtrack for The Tent (2020)

1926 Pictures (production company)


South Film and Arts Academy Festival

Won, Short Film Award
Best Original Score for Alexander’s of Northville (2019)

Bijou Cine’


Web Series Festival

Nominated, Web Series Award
Best Score for Hyper (2016)

Oniros Film Awards

Nominated, August Monthly Edition
Best Soundtrack for Hyper (2016)
Nominated, August Monthly Edition

Best Sound Design for Hyper (2016)

 You can contact Pierre Vaucher by email pierre.vaucher@mangrove-productions.com or by FB Messenger. Or WhatsApp +4179 291 08 33.  He’s also on IMDb.  https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1789695/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0

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