Trailer for Flint-based ‘Half-Dead Fred’ drops

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A mysterious murder has occurred in the abandoned Dalton estate in Flint, Michigan.  The property caretaker has been killed.  To investigate this murder, an alcoholic gumshoe has been called upon.  This detective,  a Freddy Nash.  Nash has a peculiar skill set, and he serves a very niche market.   He can see and communicate with the dead.

Nash was the victim of a horrific automobile accident that took the life of his son and left Nash on the precipice of death.  Pulled back from this,  Nash entered the ethereal where he acquired the abilities that would help set him apart from other members of the Los Angeles police force.   He became a medium detective. With the help of his assistant Mr. Yamasaki, they solve a simple case.  Roberta Dalton, the owner of the house and daughter of the late Roger Dalton, to whom the estate belonged,  hires Nash to find the murderer. The location jumps.

Not long after Nash arrives at the estate, it becomes clear that something very sinister and supernatural has occurred in the old house, and Freddy’s investigation takes some very unexpected twists and turns.   Soon enough, it becomes obvious that not everything and everyone are what they seem. Something sinister is going on at the house. He finds that the deceased Dalton has left clues to a treasure for his children, Roberta, Debbie, and Jake to find, turning the case into much more than a murder mystery.  And Nash is left to deal with dark forces from this world and beyond.

Writer/director Bron Theron first arrived in Flint in 2017  to highlight the much neglected Flint water crisis and has returned to the area doing art and murals for the Flint Public Art Project.  While visiting, he made the acquaintance of Flint Public Art Project Executive Director, Joe Schipani.  Schipani had written the book, Haunted Flint.  On the flight back to CA, Theron read the book and a script soon followed.

Hollywood veteran Corin Nemec (“Stargate SG-1,” “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”) will star as Freddy Nash with Jordan Cristopher Michael (“Full House,” “Saved by the Bell”) as Yamasaki. Scream queen and horror movie veteran Elissa Dowling (“House on the Hill,” “Starry Eyes”) will play a role and it is hoped that actor Jason London (“Dazed and Confused”) will also join the cast.

The cast also has local ties with Joe Schipani, Seth Hart, and Michael E. Kelly making their big-screen debuts while a host of others play the roles of ghosts or extras. Schipani and Flint native Jessica Revoldt are listed as producers.

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Filming in Flint Michigan took place in late September. The production hired a local lighting crew run by Cory James Taylor. The casting sessions held in Flint Michigan found many cast from Flint and some from Detroit. Makeup, wardrobe, set dressing, and props are all flint local hires. This is, by all means, a Flint Film.

While doing the comic con in flint earlier in august casting confirmed a local boy to play Freddy Nash’s son who died in the story as well as two other supporting roles for the film from the College theater department.

Described as a Flint horror story through and through, Half-Dead Fred is due to release in 2022.

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