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If you were not able to make the premiers of either of these Darren Brown films, “The Yousers” or the recently released “Dymez,” when they played at Detroit theaters,  you can catch them as a double-billing on Fox Corporation’s online streaming platform TubiTV.  Although they would have been the perfect pairing to see in the New Year,  as they are on Tubi you can watch them any time.

“The Yousers.” had its Red Carpet at the Bel-Aire Luxury Theater in Detroit, at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema, 10100 8 Mile Rd., Detroit, “Dymez” had its Red Carpet Premiere at the Bel-Aire  Friday, October 29.

“The Yousers” was the 7th feature-length project for award-winning director Darren Brown whose passion for urban storytelling has always included the universal accessibility of his characters as the foundation for imaginative and transformative cinema, his labyrinth of work includes celebrated independent releases like “Pope” as well as the cult-classic web series “Dead Wrong.”

In “The Yousers,”  Dre is a successful talent agent to one of the most notoriously demanding clients in Hollywood.  When his client makes him choose between his happy home or A-list stardom, Dre’s life is turned upside down. The stress of choosing between a happy home or a successful business move influences Dre to find the answer outside of his marriage.

Dre’s wife learns of his affair and takes matters of revenge into her own hands by having an affair with the same woman. Can this family survive under the pressure of her husband’s professional ambitions and their looming infidelity?

“The Yousers” starred Will Bennett, Deborah Chenault-Green (Detroiters  (2017-2018), Urban Envy (2016), Lulu Dahl (The Tent (2020), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016),  Grover McCants, among others.

“Dymez” is a dramedy about three young women that plan foolish heists with their Smartphones. They will soon find out that L-O-V-E is not the only 4 letter word that will break their heart; F-A-T-E is the other. Dealing with men is not easy, and it’s going to take teamwork to make their scheme work. Will their old ways get in the way of making their new life? Does change really make sense and at what cost?

With the tagline “It’s so cold in the D,” from the producers that brought you “The Yousers,” “Dymez” was written and edited by Donald Bolton, and directed and Executive Produced by Darren Brown.

“Dymez” has a stellar all-star cast including Glenn Plummer as Mr. Mason, Ciera Angelia as Keisha, Nicole Alexander as Kima, Demaris Harvey as James, Zahirah Muhammad as Jame’s Girl, Dion Shepherd Jr. as The Plug, Prince Mincy as Thug #3,and a host of other actors.

Catch them both tonight on TubiTV.
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