Community saddened by passing of actor Joe Tynan, Jr.

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Michigan’s film community was saddened by the passing of one of their own.  Actor John Tynan, Jr. passed away July 17, 2019. An indie actor of some reknown, he had acquired  twenty two IMDb credits to his resume since he assumed his first role in 2008. He was 74 years old.

John “Jack” Tynan was known for having played Sean in Sam Logan Khaleghi’ s 2011 production of “Love is a Theives Game,”   as Sergeant Roberts in the 2016 Joey Harlow/ Laguna Films production of “Garroter,”  and  Lawrence Billburn in the 2018 H Wolfe III directed “RecMan“, John was known as “one of the good guys,” and one who was “so full of life and brought so much joy to those around you.”

Here he appears scene from Sam Logan’s “Love is a Thieves Game.”

John got his first break in indie film when, after he was encouraged by a modeling agency to begin modeling, he was “discovered” during a photo shoot and asked to audition for his first acting role.  He first appeared in a film as an extra in the 2009 short film  “This Year Will Be Different.” He appeared in this short film as a party guest.

He also appeared in several TV series including “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour,” “The Wannabes Starring Savvy” in which he appeared in two episodes, both “The Plagiarist (2010)” and “The Plagiarist-Part Two (2010)” as Mr. Kroegar,  and “Baldwin Cafe,”  in which he appreared as the character Mason.

Here John appears as an antique dealer in the Sam T’ang Warfield Film Union Parallel Lines 1


John came to acting with a unique pallet of expereiences from which he could draw.   He was a Vietnam Veteran with four years of service in the United States Air Force,  and thirty years of service to the people of Detroit, a retiree of the Detroit Police Department.  He retired from the DPD, Detroit a the rank of Inspector (Executive Position).
He spent five years assigned to the Vice Division and ten years assigned to the Narcotics Division where he earned the code name “Happy” , all undercover.

Here he can be seen in front of the camera when he was recognized by Fox 2 News for having rescued a boy and his mother.

John adapted these real life experiences in his acting and has likened his learning experience as an actor as “The Russian Roulette School of Acting.”

John “Jack” Tynan, Jr. will be missed.




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