Jon Conner’s ‘Roulette’ to play at Thriller! Chiller! International Film Festival, Thursday 10/10

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Returned from the war crippled and broke, Lewis struggles to adjust to home life. With his one true love facing death from a heart condition, Lewis turns to the crime ridden streets to bring in the money for her surgery. Down the city’s darkest alley lies a place he once knew, and a game of life or death becomes his hope for gainful employment.

This is the synopsis for the AHITH (A Hole in the Head) Productions’ “Roulette” screening on the big screen at the Thriller! Chiller! International Film Festival @ Wealthy Theater, 1130 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506, Thurs 10/10,

“Routlette” is written and directed by Jon Conner and stars Bill Kenney as Vito “The Irish Fury,” and Jimmie Chiappelli as Tiny “The Serpent of a man.” Brad M. Robinson as Lewis,  Haley Heslip as Shannon, and a host of others. Cinematography by Benyamin Aki.

“This is the second film I wrote and directed that placed in a film festival this year. It’s truly humbling to work among people that share a passion for film making. We only go up from here.” said Jon Conner, director

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