Brian Heintz (dead-ringer for actor Vin Diesel) appears in a video game–or does he?

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Can it be?  Is Michigan actor Brian Heintz’s image used in a video game?  Here is a grouping of photos.  Can you identify the real Brian Heintz?


Born February 24, 1975, in Detroit, Michigan, Brian has been an actor in independent Michigan films for at least the last five years. In that span, he has accumulated an impressive 30 film credits as an actor. To that list, you can also add credits for being a producer and a stunt man.

Although originally trained in cinematography, he has found his heart in acting. And because of his acting chops, and good-natured personality he has become much in demand.

Brian looks so much like Vin Diesel that he appeared in “Fast 8 The Fate of the Furious” as Vin Diesel’s body double (although he was not credited for the role).

Well, do you give up?  If their photos appeared side-by-side,  could you identify which is which?

Tell me they don’t look enough alike to be brothers. Can you tell which is which?

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If you still haven’t figured it out, look for the artistic renderings deliberately grouped close together.  That is Hollywood actor, star of the big screen and action hero Vin Diesel.   The other photos are of Michigan actor Brian Heintz.

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  1. I can!
    Brian Heinz has way better lips!
    And nose
    And if you tweeze his eyebrows you can get them a little closer to look alike.
    However they are a perfect stunt double match and Brian seems to be fantastic in front of the camera!

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