Jeff Kapp’s horror short ‘Still’ has dropped–have a look

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(Note: the may contain spoilers.)  Jeff Kapp’s horror short “Still” has dropped.  It can now be found direct to stream on his Vigilant Entertainment Films youtube channel.  A short film about a woman who suffers from sleep paralysis who awakens to find an intruder in her home”  “Still” stars Alyssa Topolinski and Patrick Harney.

As this short opens, Nev (played by Alyssa Topolinski) is on the phone talking with her mother. While her mother is out of town, Nev is house sitting for her.  Nev talks about a doctor’s appointment and problems that she has had in falling asleep.    She is talking about a date she had with a guy who after the one date, texts her insisting that he loves her and wants to be with her forever.   She dismisses him as being “such a loser.”

Nev showers and gets ready for bed.  As prescribed by her doctor, she looks at a crossword puzzle book, and then gets up to slug down half a bottle of wine, cursing herself for being her mother.  As she lies restlessly in bed, a shadow appears in her door.  This intruder (Patrick Harney) is brandishing a tire iron.

As he sits down on a chair next to her bed, she stares at him transfixed as he speaks.  “I am incredibly upset.” he says. Tracing her body with the tire-iron, he continues, “I thought we had something special. Something real.”

As he enters her bed, she starts to scream.  Picking up a knife from her bed stand she stabs him in the neck.  This angers him, and while pulling the knife from his neck she runs downstairs.

“Still” is the fourth short that Kapp has written and directed.  Growing up watching horror films,  Kapp knew he wanted to dabble into horror, but he didn’t know in which direction he would go.  He has always liked “the slasher, the intruder, the stranger in the house type thing.” So this was the idea he was working with.  When sleep paralysis came up, he started to research it. “Not being able to sleep, not being able to move, and having somebody in the house was more terrifying than a ghost or a demon.” said Kapp.

Alyssa had a small role in Kapp’s  “Scapegoat.”  She was “fantastic.”  So she was the first person that Kapp had considered for the role.  Kapp had worked with Harney on “Scapegoat,” and Harney was producer on “Ever After.”  In addition to acting in this short,  “Still” was his second producing credit as well.  Harney‘s range shows up tremendously in “Still.”  He definitely plays this role extremely well.  His laugh in “Still” was “creepy as shit.”

Shane Shanski also helped produce “Still.”  Kapp and Shanski have known each other for over a decade.  It was Shanski’s mother’s house in which they filmed “Still.”  Justin Lundy did the camera work, Keith Daniel did audio, Eric Ozanich did additional camera work, as well as shooting the behind the scenes photos.

This short film is worth a watch.  And at just 9 minutes, it won’t consume too much of your time.  Give it a watch.

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