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We are looking for the best screenplay

Concept: Do you like horror? Do you have a flair for screenwriting?  The Weekender will promote a screenplay competition based on the short stories of Sunbury/Hellbender horror author Thomas M. Malafarina.

In the coming year, we will be looking for the best  screenplay based upon a short story of the screenwriter’s choice of stories of horror author Thomas M. Malafarina. This story will be prepped and readied for filming.

The Challenge:  Finding a single short story of Thomas Malafarina’s short stories which will be rewritten as a screenplay and prepared for film production.

Reward:   The Best screenplay received will be awarded a starting cash award of $500 minimum (a cash award which is expected to increase in size over the next year) and assistance in launching the filming based upon the chosen story.

This competition will be opened to all screenwriters 18 years of age and older.

Details are being firmed up now.  When ready and the call for submissions announced, these details will appear on Film Freeway, with the announcement to appear here on the Weekender

So stay tuned.  Follow our pages.

Get acquainted with horror author Thomas M. Malafarina.

And prepare yourself to write a scary screenplay.

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