Kenneth Nelson’s award-winning ‘Sincerely Brenda’ will screen at the Lake Michigan Film Festival, Friday, January 10

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The award-winning “Sincerely Brenda” will screen at the Lake Michigan Film Festival next Friday, Jan 10th at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center , Theater B! Sincerely, Brenda will be screening at 8pm.

Written and directed by MSU Communication Arts & Science Alumnus Kenneth Nelson, Jr., and drawing upon the talents of producer Briana Sparks, 2018 and Assistant Director Paul Roh, 2018, both alumni who majored in Media and Information at ComArtSci.

Filmed entirely in Lansing, with two scenes shot it Detroit, “Sincerely, Brenda,” with the tagline, “Some old wounds never truly heal.,” is a drama about a recovering alcoholic father who attempts to reconcile with his two estranged sons over a weekend after a sudden tragedy, but the encounter reveals secrets that could destroy their family forever.

“Sincerely, Brenda” features an all-black cast, with powerful performances by actors and actresses from Michigan State University.  “Sincerely, Brenda” stars Rico Bruce Wade as Charles, Tiffani Ferguson Pruitt as Brenda, Sean-Vaughn as Michael, Leonydus Johnson as Donovan, Briana Elle Jones as Grace, and Teri Ann Nelson as Clarice, and Simone Reynolds as Adrianna, and a supporting cast too numerous to list here.

Said Nelson regarding his movie, “I wanted to depict men who face real struggles and work hard to overcome harrowing circumstances. “It was important to me that you see the complexity of emotion in the black male characters, because when I grew up, I didn’t see that complexity on screen,” said Nelson. “During the screenings I realized, this isn’t just a black male issue, it’s men in general. We are flawed, and many times it’s difficult to face the situations that shaped who we are. So, some of us find solace in bad choices.”

According to our last report, “Sincerely Brenda” has been the recipient of 44 nominations and 19 Award wins including multiple Best Picture of the Year wins.  On August 19, the film was screened at the 13th Annual Detroit’s Trinity International Film Festival (#trinity13).  They won Best Feature Film AND an honorary Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey award for scoring a perfect 10/10.

On August 25, 2019 received several more awards at the I See You Awards.  These awards include  Sean VaughnBest Up & Coming ActorTiffani Ferguson Pruitt Best Supporting Actress,   Rico Bruce WadeBest Lead Actor, Leonydus Johnson Best Supporting Actor, Kenneth Nelson Jr.Best DirectorBest Cast WinBest Picture Win.

The Lake Michigan Film Festival is part of the East Lansing Film Festival. Tickets are only $5.00.


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