Official teaser trailer for Rapheal Robinson’s ‘Bad Money’ has dropped

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The official teaser trailer for writer/director Rapheal Robinson‘s ‘Bad Money” has dropped.  Robinson is known as the writer/director/and producer of Black Day (2019) and Ice Cream Boyz (2017).

From the mind of filmmaker Raphael Robinson comes a story that you might find familiar, one that you think you know all too well.  But once you look deeper into it, you realize don’t recognize it at all.

When Rain and Jaz decide to take matters into their own hands for a murdered friend,  they take on more than they can handle. and they cause a deadly string of events along the way.

Starring Jimmie Chiappelli (as Kyle Simpson), Amanda Foster (as Martina), Bill K. Kenney (Lenny Sanders),  Brian Boynton (Det. Cole ), Antonio Mireles (Chili), Brad M. Robinson (Danny Sharps), Tasha Kenney (Norma Ray Sanders ), and Llola Jordan (as Jasmine Tolbert), among a host of others,Bad Money” was filmed in Flint, Michigan, and was produced by King Mondo Worldwide.

Detectives Danny Sharps (Brad M. Robinson), Simpson (Jimmie Chiappelli) and Cole (Brian Boynton)  are hard-working law officers who took vows to uphold the law by any means. But when the ends don’t justify the means, somebody has to pay a heavy toll. 

Her name is Jasmine Tolbert (Llola Jordan), everybody calls her Jaz.  She only cares about one thing. That is money.  His money.  Your money.  And mo’ money.

Lomez Reno marks his territory, don’t make the wrong turn. Most crime bosses come into power because they are willing to do what others won’t;  they never lay down for no man.  So, what happens when bosses collide? There’s a paradigm shift and most of the time war follows. The Cenotes, the Reno Family and Police have a serious problem, and it might not be with each other.

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What’s loyalty when you stand to lose everything you loved? What price are you willing to pay to have it all? And just how far would you go to keep it?

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